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    Canary Bus

    In two minutes or less, deploy an anonymous target for your Thinkst Canarytokens that forwards to Slack, Honeycomb, or whatever else you have in mind.

    Two Minute Deployment on Glitch

    Glitch runs your JavaScript for free as long as you don't mind anyone on the Internet being able to read your source code. It's not the best for the OPSEC if you're a black hat, but you're a white hat hacker just trying to prove your gym saw your request to cancel your membership.



    • To change the domain name on Glitch, click your project name in the upper left corner, then select and edit the name below it.

    • To change the site's appearance for a thin veneer of respectability, edit public/index.html.


    If you're sorted on catching web hooks, deployment, and a suitable masquerade, but want some quick and dirty notification code:

    • At a prompt:

      npm install --save @garthk/canary-bus

    • In your code:

      const bus = require('@garthk/canary-bus').auto();
      // get a payload from a canary token webhook

    The notify method returns a Promise for null. It'll wait for Slack, but not Honeycomb.

    Environment Variables

    • The shortest useful environment in .env file format is:

    • SECRET is mandatory, and gives the webhook path segment after / to which you'll send your Canarytoken alerts.

      All other envars are optional.

    • TMI will, if true, expose this README file as the web server's index. By default, the web server's index will be whatever you put in public/index.html.

    • NOTIFY_SLACK takes a Slack webhook URL.

    • NOTIFY_HONEYCOMB takes a Honeycomb write key. Honeycomb is my favourite telemetry destination ever. Unlike your usual time series databases, Honeycomb is utterly unfussed by high cardinality data, e.g. Canarytoken IDs, the IP addresses of the machines setting them off, user agents, whatevs.


    npm i @garthk/canary-bus

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