14 Packages by fshost

  • andre a Node.js file-watching template compiler for ejs and underscore templates
  • api-chain A light and easy to use interface for creating fluent, chainable javascript APIs in Node.js or PhantomJs
  • expressway An MVC Framework for Node.js using Express and EJS
  • github-contents Get the contents of a file on github
  • helpers helper functions for Node.js
  • js-to-yaml serializes javascript objects to yaml-readable string
  • jstype Extended and extensible javascript type checking
  • node-dir asynchronous file and directory operations for Node.js
  • node-hint a node.js wrapper for jsHint for ease of use when checking internal strings
  • nodecli easily use Node.js as an interactive command-line tool
  • ntools a collection of tools and utilities for node.js
  • ntype defining interfaces for class structure and auto-type checking in javascript for Node.js
  • require-ejs Allows requiring EJS files as Node.js modules
  • xrpc Express middleware and router support for XML-RPC