a node.js wrapper for jsHint for ease of use when checking internal strings

Node Hint - a node.js wrapper for jsHint to simplify checking internal source code string variables

npm install node-hint

to check source code string with jsHint:

    var result = require(__dirname + '/../node-hint').hint(source, name, options, logger);


source is a string of javascript source code
name is a name to associate with the code (not required)
options is a set of options (not required)
logger is a logger (defaults to console.log)
  • report:
    • oneErrorPerLine: true
    • extendedReport: false
  • jsHint: standard options (and too many to list here) - see /lib/jshint.js for more info
  • node.js

JSHint developed by JSHint Community.

MIT-License, see LICENSE.txt.

  • expand reporting / return options