12 Packages by fragphace

  • backbone-fsm Finite-State Machine for Backbone views and models.
  • basset Website performance sniffer. Uses phantomjs and netsniff.js to perform multiple tests and display averaged results.
  • coffeelint-variable-... CoffeeLint rule that warn you when you accidentally overwrite outer scope variable
  • express-route-descri... Allows you to represent a route as an object and gives you a methods to easily inject it into Express.js router.
  • getter Helper for adding getters and setters into your object. For node and browser.
  • gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js
  • grunt-rm rm -rf grunt task
  • markdown-html Command line tool for markdown to html conversion.
  • pelican YouTube web server with real-time queue. Ideal as a music server in your workplace.
  • saxtojson Converts sax file into json
  • unterproto Simplest possible prototypal inheritance sugar. For node and browser.
  • zombiewalk Command line tool for unit testing under zombie.js