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Converts sax file into json


Converts .sax file (yes, I made up this format) into json.

Don't have one. Just clone this repository.

Brace yourself... execute bin/sax2json or require lib/sax2jsonjs.

Sax file is a collection of commands.


  • collection of arguments separated by white space. First argument must be a string. Block can only be the last argument.

  • comment (line starting with # and optional trailing white spaces)

  • empty line

Argument is a string or block.

String is a set of chars enclosed by double quotation marks. Quotation marks can be ommited.

Block is a set equally indented commands.

click "a[name=b]" 
	equal "title" "foo"
	ok 2 > 1
	"click", "a[name=b]", [[
	], [
nodeunit test/sax2json.js