13 Packages by foxbunny

  • cdoc Simple stupid CoffeeScript documentation extractor
  • dahelpers Library of miscellaneous formatting and helper functions
  • daimyo Samurai payment gateway API client library for Node.js
  • daproxy Reverse proxy and static server for local development
  • datetimejs Library for manipulating, formatting, and parsing dates and times
  • express-obc Object-based controllers for Express framework
  • jstmpl Plain-text template engine with JavaScript support
  • node-logging Simple colorized logging for Node.js with request logger Connect middleware
  • node-restrouter Simple ExpressJS helper for creating REST interface for Mongoose models
  • node-sendgrid SendGrid SMTP API headers library
  • profilejs V8 profiling for Express framework
  • sanidate Validation-sanitizing functionality for web frameworks, browsers, and you-name-it
  • tztimejs Time-zone-aware Date replacement for JavaScript