Simple stupid CoffeeScript documentation extractor

CDoc - CoffeeScript documentation extractor

CDoc is a simple NodeJS script that extracts comments from CoffeeScript files in the source directory tree, and creates an identical directory tree in the target directory that contains markdown comments found in source files.

Other than extracting markdown comments, CDoc doesn't do anything. It does not compile HTML, has no templates or CSS. In other words, CDoc is not a documetnation generator.

Install using npm:

npm install cdoc

To extract documentation located in src directory, and store extracted files in doc:

cdoc src doc

The doc directory will contain the same directory structure as src and all .coffee files in the src directory will have a matching .mkd file in the doc directory.

To ignore directories, pass the -i or --ignore option:

cdoc src doc -i test -i example

Report all bugs to GitHub issue tracker.