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  • blue Streaming template engine
  • cache-depend A utility function to detect when you should invalidate your cached data
  • catstream Pipe filenames in, get contents out.
  • disect Bisection helper for javascript
  • dummy-streaming-arra... Dummy Parser for streaming JSON as actual JSON Array
  • duplex-maker Create a duplex stream from a writable and a readable
  • http-measuring-clien... like the http module, except with stats
  • json-streams Streams for parsing and stringifying big JSON objects
  • json-tokenizer A streaming JSON tokenizer
  • ka-ching A caching module for streams
  • lambdascript Compile to javascript with syntaxic sugar for lambdas and other functional goodness
  • libspotify Node bindings to the libspotify C library
  • meme a CLI utility to generate memes using memegenerator.net
  • object-iterator A module to walk through an object with an iterator
  • parser A configurable parser to parse whatever you want
  • stream-blackhole A silly writable stream that eats all data
  • stream-json-stringif... JSON.stringify, streaming, non-blocking, for real this time.
  • stream-sink Collect all data piped to this stream when it closes
  • stream-stream A stream of streams in order to concatenates the contents of several streams
  • stream-write-read Write to a file, read when it's done
  • tokenizer A wide purpose tokenizer for node.js which looks like a stream
  • url-assembler Assemble urls from route-like templates (/path/:param)

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