19 Packages by eknkc

  • awscp AWS utilities for distributed Node.JS applications
  • consistent Consistent hashing for Node.JS
  • cryptools Basic encryption / decryption helpers.
  • hilmi Lightweight cache provider for Node.JS
  • kimola Node.JS client for Kimola Cloud Search API
  • lestream Logentries Streams2 interface & cli tool to pipe logs to logentries
  • lockredis Simple locking utility on top of Redis
  • memcached-lite Extremely fast memcached client with consistent hashing & dead server removal & binary protocol implementation.
  • memcached-protocol Fast memcached binary protocol implementation for Node.JS with binary packet reader / writer and corresponding streams2 stream interfaces.
  • merge-css CSS merger and uglifier toolkit and middleware
  • merge-js JavaScript merger and uglifier toolkit and middleware
  • minwq Minimalist work queue backed by Redis
  • redis-lite Lightweight redis client with consistent hash clustering & dead server removal & full feature set.
  • sentinel-redis Redis Sentinel client for Node.JS
  • tsort Topological sort on directed graphs.
  • typescript-require Node.JS require extension to load TypeScript modules from JS
  • usta Worker process coordinator for Node.JS clusters
  • walkfs Walk directories recursively
  • zscrape jQuery and JSDom based website scraping library

5 Packages starred by eknkc

  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • express Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  • mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM
  • ms Tiny ms conversion utility
  • num arbitrary precision integer and decimal library in javascript