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Hilmi - tiny cache helper for Node.JS

npm install hilmi


var hilmi = require("hilmi");

// Create a new bucket
var b = hilmi();

// Set an entry
b.set(key, value, ttlInSeconds function(err)…);
// Get an entry
b.get(key, function(err,data)…);
// Delete an entry
b.delete(key, function(err,data)…);
// Clear a bucket

// You can use different storage engines

// Create a bucket and use a LRU memory storw ith capacity 10
var b = hilmi({ store: new hilmi.MemoryStore(10) });
// Create a bucket and use a Redis store and prefix entries with 'cache'
var b = hilmi({ store: new hilmi.RedisStore(10), prefix: "cache" });	

// Cache shortcut method
b.cache(key, function miss(next) {
	// In case the entry is not in sotage, generate it and call next with the data
	// This function will not be called if the entry is already cached
	// TTL is optional, you can provide it in parent function call too.
	next(err, data, ttl);
}, function(err, data) {
	// data has been fetched from cache or freshly generated.
}, ttl);