6 Packages by davidm

  • devopsjs dev & ops with widgets using nodejs, smw, cucumber bdd, nrpe and solr
  • devopsjs-bdd-cases behaviour testing for projects
  • filter-proxy filter-proxy.
  • ixmaps-chrome-extens... * In Google Chrome (tested with version 38+), enable "Developer mode" * Select "Load unpacked extension" * Select the ixmaps-chrome-extension directory
  • ixmaps-node-server * install Node 0.10 and make sure you can run it from the command line * Clone ixmaps-node-server from git * cd ixmaps-node-server * npm install * To compile raw-trace, a build environment including g++ and the following may be necessary: `export LINK=g+
  • sensebase SenseBase basis for workgroup annotation.