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Install ElasticSearch.

npm install SenseBase

Then npm install, bower install if you are working directly in the source base.

Presuming a debian derived distro, you will need to have build-essentials installed


create a config.js:

// logging
var winston = require('winston');
GLOBAL.debug = winston.debug; =;
GLOBAL.warn = winston.warn;
GLOBAL.error = winston.error;

var domain = 'my.great.domain';
var esOptions ={ _index : 'ps', server : { host : 'es.' + domain, port : 9200 }};

exports.config = {
  project: 'sensebase',
  DOMAIN: domain,
  FAYEHOST: 'http://faye.' + domain + ':9999/montr',
  ESEARCH:  esOptions,
  ESEARCH_URI: 'http://es.' + domain + ':' + esOptions.server.port + '/' + esOptions._index,
  HOMEPAGE: 'http://dashboard.' + domain,
  AUTH_PORT: 9999,
  PROXY_PORT: 8089,
  SPOTLIGHT: { host: 'spotlight' + domain, port: 7272},
  SENTIMENT: { host: 'sentiment' + domain, port: 9002},
  NOCACHE_REGEX: '.*.' + domain,
  CACHE_DIR : '/some/dir',
  uploadDirectory: './static/files',
  doCache : true,
  doAuth: true,
  logStream : { write: function() {}}


if including SenseBase from your own project, create a bootstrap (app.js) that looks like this:

var senseBase = require('SenseBase');


start any services

then node app.js


  • npm install -g grunt-cli
  • grunt
  • Edit assets, grunt will generate final files

Programming notes

app.js creates a configured instance of sensebase.js (index.js).

index.js manages access and bootstraps /lib.pubsub.js

All 'team' interaction is via pubsub.js. ElasticSearch is not exposed.

Annotations are a child relationship to contentItems.

ContentItems initially have an state of 'visited' ('queued' if scraping, then 'visited' when scraped). After their first annotation and an annotationSummary is added, this becomes 'annotated.'

Everything else (aside from direct field data) is saved as an annotation.


This project is supported by and forms the basis of, as well as work developed for the Observastory project for eHealth in Motion | Dataparc.