17 Packages by daffl

  • breezy An HTML5 view engine that renders a live-updating DOM in the browser and strings in NodeJS
  • brexpressions Grammar and parser for breezy expressions in brackets.
  • can-compile Compile CanJS Mustache and EJS views for lightning fast production apps
  • connect-injector A middleware to inject content into any HTTP response.
  • feathers Shared REST and real-time APIs with Express.
  • feathers-hooks Before and after service method call hooks for easy authorization and processing.
  • feathers-memory Feathers in memory service
  • feathers-mongodb Feathers MongoDB service
  • feathers-passport Feathers REST and websocket authentication with PassportJS.
  • jquery.dform A flexible JavaScript Object and JSON to HTML converter with a focus on forms
  • launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!
  • miner Localhost tunelling service wrappers
  • rubberduck Evented AOP for NodeJS
  • steal-tools Futuristic build tools for ES6 Module applications.
  • testee Automated cross-browser testing made easy.
  • testee-client Testee testing framework client adapters
  • uberproto JavaScript object inheritance sugar: Easy extension, mixins, super methods, proxies