10 Packages by cvan

  • boss-110-smartplug-j... A web proxy for interfacing with the BOSS 110 Smartplug's web interface in JSON and CSV formats
  • commonplace Reusable components for Firefox Marketplace frontend projects.
  • fasthar A front-end UI that shows aggregated data (i.e., response sizes, response times, and number of requests), using [HTTP Archive (HAR)]( data from captured network traffic. See [fastHAR-api]( (the API) and the [phantomHAR]( (the [phantom.js]( script).
  • fasthar-api an API server that returns aggregated data from HTTP Archive (HAR) data from captured network traffic
  • firesnaggle What's that? You have a website URL. And you need, what, a screenshot (and the HTML) of said website at mobile width in Firefox? Well, gee golly, no look no further! Snaggle up with firesnaggle™ today!
  • galaxy-api Galaxy API
  • iconsnaggle Extract favicons, `link[rel="shortcut icon"]`, `link[rel="icon"]`, `link[rel="apple-touch-icon"]`, and `link[rel="og:image"]` icons.
  • marketplace-gulp gulpfiles for Firefox Marketplace frontend projects
  • phantomhar a PhantomJS script to generate HTTP Archive (HAR) data from captured network traffic
  • socketpeer simple 1:1 messaging via WebRTC Data Channels and WebSockets