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A web framework for building virtual reality experiences.


Building Blocks for the VR Web

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A-Frame is a framework for creating virtual reality web experiences.

  • Virtual Reality: Drop in the library and have a WebVR scene within a few lines of markup.
  • Based on the DOM: Manipulate with JavaScript, use with your favorite libraries and frameworks.
  • Entity-Component-System: Based on an entity-component-system pattern for better composability and extensibility.

Find out more:



To get started immediately, just fire up this CodePen example scene!


To embed this library in your project, include this file:

For the unminified version for local development (with source maps), include this file:

Also, be sure to check out the awesome examples (or the ones in this repository).


First install from npm:

npm install aframe

And in your Browserify/Webpack modules, simply require the module:


Local Installation and Development

Alternatively, you can clone this repository to work locally on this project and explore the examples.

git clone
cd aframe && npm install

To start the local development server:

npm start

And fire up http://localhost:9000!

Updating dist Files

npm run dist

Publishing to GitHub Pages

To publish to

npm run ghpages

To publish to

npm run ghpages your_username


Get involved! Check out the Contributing Guide for how to get started.


This program is free software and is distributed under an MIT License.