16 Packages by corysimmons

  • beautiful Gruntfiles to beautify all kinds of stuff
  • boy A lightweight, modern, HTML5 Boilerplate fork with conditionally loaded polyfills for amazing browser support back to IE7
  • calcgrid A Stylus calc() grid that works with Masonry.
  • clonr Quickly clone repos by repo name.
  • dragon-grid Insanely powerful grid in just a few lines of code.
  • elf-grid A small but powerful Stylus grid built with calc()
  • flexgrid A Stylus FlexBox grid system.
  • gitdoc Beautiful documentation built by repo wikis.
  • grabr Grab packages directly from Github repos
  • jeet A grid system for humans.
  • oak-cli A boilerplate for web projects
  • sass2stylus Convert Sass (and SCSS) to Stylus
  • stylus-normalize Stylus importable normalize
  • typographic Stylus typography with modular scale, font stacks, and more.
  • watchel Auto watch/compilation/LiveReload for a myriad of frontend languages
  • wonder UI kit for Stylus