14 Packages by cjihrig

  • catbox-memory Memory adapter for catbox
  • code assertion library
  • credit-card credit card validation
  • ghostbuster A Node.js wrapper for PhantomJS
  • insync Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code. Node specific port of async.
  • isgreen Check if your io.js installation is up to date
  • jsparser An ECMAScript 5.1 parser, written in JavaScript.
  • placebot slack bot that adds placeholder images
  • poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception
  • scrapey Page scraping fun
  • trivial-multipart multipart form data (with no file uploads) that works with request
  • tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi
  • userinfo cross platform user info
  • will-it-optimize Suite of tests for determining what v8 will optimize

1 Package starred by cjihrig

  • hapi HTTP Server framework