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hapi plugin that exposes a setup method for retrieving the server configuration. Provides information such as the version of Node running, the hapi server connections, routing tables per connection, and plugin information.

Example Usage

The example below registers the hapi-setup plugin. In the handler for the /about route, the hapi-setup.setup() function is executed, which returns an object, and the result is then used to reply to the incoming request.

var server = new Hapi.Server();
server.register(require('hapi-setup'), function (err) {
    method: 'GET',
    path: '/about',
    handler: function (request, reply) {



Exposed plugin method used for returning the setup information of the current hapi server.

Returns the following object:

  • runtime - Object. Contains information about the Node process.
    • versions - Object. The version of Node, as well as Node's dependencies.
    • execPath - String. The path to the Node executable.
    • argv - Array of strings. Command line arguments used to start the server.
    • execArgv - Array of strings. Command line options passed to Node.
    • env - Object. Environment variables of the running process.
  • connections - Array of objects. Contains information about individual hapi server connections. Each object contains the following keys.
    • uri - String. URI of the connection.
    • labels - Array of strings. Contains the labels associated with the connection.
    • routes - Array of objects. Each object represents a route registered on the connection, and contains the following keys.
      • method - String. HTTP verb of the route.
      • path - String. Path of the route.
      • plugin - String or null. The name of the plugin that registered the route. If a plugin did not register the route, then this is null.
    • plugins - Object. Each key represents the name of a registered plugin, and contains the following keys.
      • name - String. The name of the plugin.
      • version - String. The version of the plugin.
      • multiple - Boolean. true if the plugin can be registered multiple times. false otherwise.
      • options - Object. Contains the options passed to the plugin's register() function.
      • attributes - Object. Contains the attributes used when registering the plugin. This can include the entire contents of the plugin's package.json.

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