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  • bluebird Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance
  • canvas Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo
  • cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler
  • csv-parse CSV parsing implementing the Node.js `stream.Transform` API
  • dot Concise and fast javascript templating compatible with nodejs and other javascript environments
  • dot-view A doT based view class with caching, partials, layout and view helpers
  • github NodeJS wrapper for the GitHub API
  • imagemin-pngquant pngquant imagemin plugin
  • jade A clean, whitespace-sensitive template language for writing HTML
  • msngr msngr.js is a small library used to facilitate communication through messages rather than direct binding. This loose coupling allows connecting components to each other or to UI components in an abstract way on the server or the client.
  • pm2 Production process manager for Node.JS applications with a built-in load balancer.
  • pm2-web A web based monitor for PM2
  • postal Pub/Sub library providing wildcard subscriptions, complex message handling, etc. Works server and client-side.
  • random-js A mathematically correct random number generator library for JavaScript.
  • semver The semantic version parser used by npm.
  • treeify converts a JS object into a nice and readable tree structure for the console
  • ua-parser-js Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser
  • useragent Fastest, most accurate & effecient user agent string parser, uses Browserscope's research for parsing
  • uuid Rigorous implementation of RFC4122 (v1 and v4) UUIDs.
  • yargs Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.