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A Jade middleware for Koa.

How to use

npm install koa-jade --save
const koa = require('koa')
const app = koa()
const Jade = require('koa-jade')
const jade = new Jade({
  viewPath: './views',
  debug: false,
  pretty: false,
  compileDebug: false,
  locals: global_locals_for_all_pages,
  basedir: 'path/for/jade/extends',
  helperPath: [
    { random: 'path/to/lib/random.js' },
    { _: require('lodash') }
  app: app // equals to jade.use(app) and app.use(jade.middleware)
jade.locals.someKey = 'some value'
app.use(function* () {
  this.render('index', locals_for_this_page, true)

With vhost:

const koa = require('koa')
const vhost = require('koa-vhost')
const Jade = require('koa-jade')
const _ = require('lodash')
const server = koa()
const server1 = koa()
const server2 = koa()
const jadeConfig = {
  locals: {
    title: 'Koa Demo'
var jade1 = new Jade(_.assign({}, jadeConfig, {
  viewPath: './views1/'
var jade2 = new Jade(_.assign({}, jadeConfig, {
  viewPath: './views2/'
server1.use(function* (next) {
server2.use(function* (next) {
server.use(vhost('test1.app.dev', server1))
server.use(vhost('test2.app.dev', server2))


viewPath: where Jade templates be stored. Default is process.cwd().

pretty and compileDebug: see Jade's docs. Default is false.

debug: shorthand for pretty and compileDebug. Default is false.

locals: variables that will be passed to Jade templates.

noCache: use cache or not. Cache could make template rendering 100x faster than without cache. It useful for production, but useless for development (pages would not be updated untill Koa restarted). In most case, noCache: process.env === 'development' should be enough. If wanna control it in production for specific page, use render()'s noCache instead.

helperPath: String or Array, where to load helpers, and make them available on all .jade. In Array, you can use object to assgin name for module, eg: { random: './path/to/random.js' }.

basedir: help Jade to identify paths when using extends with absolute paths.

Methods and Properties


const Jade = require('koa-jade')
const jade = new Jade()
// `new Jade({ app })` equals to
app.use(function* () {
  this.render('h1 Hello, #{name}', { name: 'Jade' }, { fromString: true })

Binding render function to app.context. See official doc.

middleware (deprecated)

The middleware for configuring Koa's context.

const Jade = require('koa-jade')
const jade = new Jade()


Options for rendering views.

// Passing options in construction
const jade = new Jade({
  debug: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development',
// Change options when needed
if (NO_CACHE) {
  jade.options.noCache = false
 * Reset options to default:
 * {
 *   compileDebug: false,
 *   pretty: false
 * }
jade.options = {}


An object of locals that will be passed to all views.

// Setting some locals for different envs
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {
  jade.locals.debug = DEBUG_DATA
// Mass assignment
_.assign(jade.locals, LOCALS_1, LOCALS_2, ...)
// You can override it by assigning an object ot it
jade.locals = {
  key: value,
  foo: 'bar'
// Remove all locals
jade.locals = {}

ctx.render(tpl, locals, options, noCache)

Render template, and set rendered template to this.body.

tpl: the path of template that based on viewPath, .jade is optional.

locals: locals for this page. Optional. If options or noCache presented, please use {}, undefined or null for empty locals.

options: override global default options for this page. Only assigning an object or a boolean to it will take effects.

options.fromString: fromString only available in ctx.render, by assigning a true value, Jade will not treat tpl as a path: ctx.render('h1 Hello, #{name}'). Templates rendered with fromString: true will not be stored in cache.

noCache: use cache or not. Notes: 1. overrides global noCache; 2. won't affect other pages.

If options is set to true or false, it will be treated as noCache, and noCache will be ignored. For example, render(tpl, locals, true) equals to render(tpl, locals, {}, true), and render(tpl, locals, true, false) will skip cache and re-compile template.

options and noCache are optional.


If you encounter this error, Error: the "basedir" option is required to use "extends" with "absolute" paths, try to set basedir like this:

const jade = new Jade({
  viewPath: 'path/to/views',
  basedir: 'path/for/jade/extends'


app.use(function* () {
  this.render('index', locals, { basedir: 'path/for/jade/extends' })


Koa-jade sets content-type to text/html automatically. if you wanna change it, do like this:

this.type = 'text/plain'

Global Helpers

By setting helperPath, koa-jade will load all the modules that under sepecified folxder, and make them available on all templates.

helperPath also could be an array including folders, files path, even moduleName: 'path/to/lib.js mapping object. Also support node module as a helper, just like: '_': require('lodash')

Defining Helper

// format-date.js
module.exports = function (input) {
  return (input.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + input.getDate() + '/' + input.getFullYear()

It equals to:

// whatever.js
module.exports = {
  moduleName: 'formatDate',
  moduleBody: function (input) {
    return (input.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + input.getDate() + '/' + input.getFullYear()

In Jade:

p= formatDate(new Date())

How koa-jade resolves views

For example, there's a folder structure like this:

- views
  |--- foo.jade
  |--- foo/
    |--- index.jade
  |--- bar/
    |--- index.jade
  |--- baz

For this.render('foo'), koa-jade will render foo.jade, not foo/index.jade (file has higher priority than directory). If you wanna render foo/index.jade, you have to use explicit path: this.render('foo/index').

For this.render('bar'), because bar.jade doesn't exist and bar is a directory, koa-jade will search for bar/index.jade and try to render it.

For this.render('baz'), because baz is a file, and not end with .jade, koa-jade will throw an ENOENT error.

Migration Notes


  • this.render becomes a normal function, it does not require yield statement anymore. (Issue #14)


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