18 Packages by christiansmith

  • anvil-connect OpenID Connect Provider
  • anvil-connect-jwt JWT modeling library used by Anvil Connect
  • anvil-connect-sdk Nodejs SDK for Anvil Connect
  • milonga Milonga is a helper for defining a set of RESTful Express routes based on Modinha models.
  • modinha Modinha is a toolkit for creating persisted models in Nodejs.
  • modinha-json JSON file storage adapter for Modinha
  • modinha-mongodb MongoDB storage adapter for Modinha
  • modinha-redis Redis persistence mixins for Modinha models
  • modulo Modulo helps you compose large, maintainable Express applications from smaller, discreet, reusable apps.
  • modulo-blog Blog app for Modulo projects
  • modulo-users Modulo users app
  • mongoose-factory Mongoose factory
  • mongoose-statemachin... State machine plugin for Mongoose ODM
  • norq A loosely-ordered random-access queue for JSON documents implemented with Node.js and Redis.
  • notch Notch is a command line tool and library for building, deploying and administering CouchApps with Node.js
  • oauth2resource Middleware for authorizing API access against OAuth2Server
  • oauth2server OAuth 2.0 Server
  • oauth2ui OAuth2Server Default User Interface