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    • Library for traversing syntax trees with easy access to an unbroken chain of parent references

      published 0.1.4 9 years ago
    • Bucket brigade for bundling browser modules

      published 0.4.14 9 years ago
    • A JavaScript module loader that gives the people what they want

      published 0.1.6 9 years ago
    • Enable ECMAScript 2015 modules in Node today. No caveats. Full stop.

      published 0.20.12 3 years ago
    • Node library for reading live video data from the Raspberry Pi camera module

      published 0.2.0 7 years ago
    • Node library for manipulating Total Control Lighting LEDs from a Raspberry Pi

      published 0.2.1 4 years ago
    • Art project using the Raspberry Pi camera module and Total Control Lighting LEDs

      published 0.2.1 7 years ago
    • Class factory featuring inheritance of static properties, static constructors, lazy population of prototypes, and this._super.

      published 0.1.5 8 years ago
    • Utility for associating truly private state with any JavaScript object

      published 0.1.8 5 years ago
    • Transformer that converts async functions and await expressions into ECMAScript 6 generator functions and yield expressions

      published 0.1.1 8 years ago
    • Minimal JavaScript module loader

      published 0.13.0 3 years ago
    • Flexible tool for translating any dialect of JavaScript into Node-readable CommonJS modules

      published 0.10.8 6 years ago
    • Source transformer enabling ECMAScript 6 generator functions (yield) in JavaScript-of-today (ES5)

      published 0.14.7 2 years ago
    • Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

      published 0.14.2 2 years ago
    • JavaScript syntax tree transformer, nondestructive pretty-printer, and automatic source map generator

      published 0.21.1 2 months ago
    • Efficient inter-Worker messaging with fantastic TypeScript support

      published 0.1.1 2 years ago
    • ES6 Promise polyfill with Fiber support

      published 0.9.0 a year ago
    • Babel wrapper package for use with Meteor

      published 7.10.7 a year ago
    • Wrapper package for double-ended-queue

      published 2.1.0 7 years ago
    • ES7 async/await Babel plugin based on meteor-promise

      published 0.1.1 7 years ago
    • Polyfills for ECMAScript 2015 Map and Set

      published 0.1.3 7 years ago
    • Polyfills for ECMAScript 2015 Map and Set

      published 0.1.6 7 years ago
    • Fast and accurate module dependency analyzer, with support for both CommonJS and ECMAScript 2015.

      published 0.1.2 7 years ago
    • Polyfills for new ECMAScript 2015 APIs like Map and Set

      published 0.3.0 5 years ago
    • Skeleton project demonstrating best practices for authoring and publishing the latest version of JavaScript to NPM.

      published 0.1.2 7 years ago
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