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    • [![License: MIT](]( [![TypeScript](]( [![CircleCI](

      published 2.0.0-alpha.41 2 months ago
    • Tools and utility functions used to build and develop Aurelia's libraries.

      published 2.0.0 5 years ago
    • Validation for Aurelia applications

      published 2.0.0-rc2 2 years ago
    • [![License: MIT](]( [![TypeScript](]( [![CircleCI](

      published 2.0.0-alpha.41 2 months ago
    • The command line tooling for Aurelia.

      published 3.0.1 6 months ago
    • Utilities for reading and writing the metadata of JavaScript functions.

      published 1.0.7 2 years ago
    • A library for bundling JavaScript, HTML and CSS for use with SystemJS.

      published 0.7.0 5 years ago
    • Aurelia's platform abstraction layer (PAL).

      published 1.8.2 4 years ago
    • The browser-specific implementation of Aurelia's platform abstraction layer.

      published 1.8.1 4 years ago
    • A minimal but effective logging mechanism with support for log levels and pluggable log appenders.

      published 1.5.2 4 years ago
    • A console log appender for the Aurelia logging library.

      published 1.1.1 4 years ago
    • A lightweight, extensible dependency injection container for JavaScript.

      published 1.5.2 3 years ago
    • An abstract module which specifies the interface for history implementations used by a router.

      published 1.2.1 4 years ago
    • An implementation of the Aurelia history interface based on standard browser hash change and push state mechanisms.

      published 1.4.0 4 years ago
    • Utilities for path manipulation.

      published 1.1.7 a year ago
    • A simple, restful, message-based wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

      published 1.3.1 4 years ago
    • A simple client based on the Fetch standard.

      published 1.8.2 4 years ago
    • An abstract module which specifies an interface for loading modules and view templates.

      published 1.0.2 4 years ago
    • A default implementation of the loader interface compatible with system.js and require-based loaders.

      published 1.2.1 4 years ago
    • A lightweight pub/sub messaging system for app-wide or per-object loosely coupled events.

      published 1.0.3 4 years ago
    • A simple task queue for the browser that enables the queuing of both standard tasks and micro tasks.

      published 1.3.3 4 years ago
    • A lightweight JavaScript library that matches paths against registered routes. It includes support for dynamic and star segments and nested handlers.

      published 1.3.2 4 years ago
    • A modern databinding library for JavaScript and HTML.

      published 2.5.4 3 years ago
    • A powerful client-side router.

      published 1.7.1 4 years ago
    • An extensible HTML templating engine supporting databinding, custom elements, attached behaviors and more.

      published 1.11.1 8 months ago
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