11 Packages by atrniv

  • dolos A test data generator for creating objects
  • node-clips NodeJS package for using CLIPS, a tool for building expert systems.
  • passport-playlyfe Playlyfe passport authentication strategy for NodeJS
  • playlyfe-node-sdk Playlyfe SDK for NodeJS
  • poseidon Simplify Node Callback APIs with an optimized promise layer that doesnt compromise on performance.
  • poseidon-cassandra A future wrapper around the node-cassandra-cql driver using Poseidon
  • poseidon-couchbase A future wrapper around the Couchbase driver using Poseidon.
  • poseidon-memcached A future wrapper around the Node Memcached driver using Poseidon.
  • poseidon-mongo A future wrapper around the Node Native MongoDB driver using Poseidon.
  • themis A blazing fast JSON Schema v4 validator
  • weedfs A simple HTTP REST client for the weed-fs file database