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Periodically send values out to a Collectd server for statistics.

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npm i collectdout


Spawn a client that sends the data every 60s to myserver:

var Collectd = require('collectdout');
var client = new Collectd(60000, "collectd_server", 25826, "my_server");

Fourth argument is optional, default is os.hostname()

To transmit data securely with username 'alice' and password '12345', you can select authentication (HMAC) by setting the security level to 1.

var client = new Collectd(60000, "collectd_server", 25826, "my_server",
                          1, 'alice', '12345');

You can also encrypt the trasmitted data by setting the security level to 2.

var client = new Collectd(60000, "collectd_server", 25826, "my_server",
                          2, 'alice', '12345');

Create your plugin instance:

var plugin = client.plugin('myapp', 'worker13');

Set gauges, they are averaged within a sampling period:

plugin.setGauge('users', 'total', 23);
plugin.setGauge('load', '0', [1.0, 0.85, 0.7]);

Manipulate counters:

plugin.setCounter('if_octets', 'eth0', [0, 0]);
plugin.addCounter('uptime', '0', 1);

Change log

  • v0.0.8
    • Adding crypto support
  • v0.0.7
    • Fix counter bug
  • v0.0.6
    • Possibility to send notification
  • v0.0.5
    • Add this changelog
    • Possibility to send data to more than one server
  • v0.0.4
    • Fix interval issue
    • Add optionnal parameter to set hostname
  • v0.0.3
    • Fix multiple value sending