11 Packages by arcanis

  • allocine
  • connect-ace Connect middleware for the ace editor
  • js.perlin Perlin noise implementation
  • memoicache
  • node-tput Node binding around tput
  • ohui Node.js terminal-based graphical library
  • puddi Dependencies manager
  • pxeger Pxereg (regexp inversed) is a little package allowing to generate all possible string from a regexp source string. The pxeger grammar does not follow exactly the regexp one, so some features may be missing, but it should cover most of use cases.
  • virtjs Javascript emulation library
  • willikins node web framework
  • wo-perlin Perlin noise implementation

1 Package starred by arcanis

  • astjourney It's a long journey, but on your way, you'll meet all the JS AST nodes.