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Declarative Animations Library for React and React Native

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The goal of this repo is to provide an implementation of the Animated library that is currently provided by React Native that can also be used by React in a web context. At some point, React Native will itself depend on this library.

Additionally, it would be ideal if this library would be compatible with future potential "targets" of React where animation makes sense.

Usage (Still Theoretical)

Right now the main export of this library is essentially just what is in the Animated namespace in React Native, minus the View, Image, and Text namespace. Additionally, it includes an inject namespace (explained below).

Ideally, I'd like to make it so that View, Image, and Text are exported, and just do the "right thing" depending on whether or not they are being used in the context of React Native or React Web. I'm not quite sure how we can do this yet without declaring dependencies on react native. Perhaps the platform specific file extensions can be used for this?


There are several parts of this library that need to have slightly different implementations for react-dom than for react-native. At the moment, I've just made these things "injectable" so that this library can stay dependent on only react.

Some of these I am implementing as "injectable", even though right now it would technically work for both platforms. This doesn't hurt anything, and attempts to make this library more compatible with future "targets" for react.

The injectable modules are available off of the Animated.inject namespace, and include:

  • ApplyAnimatedValues
  • FlattenStyle
  • InteractionManager
  • RequestAnimationFrame
  • CancelAnimationFrame

Each of these modules can be injected by passing in the implementation. For example, a naive FlattenStyle could be passed in as:

  styles => Array.isArray(styles)
    ? Object.assign.apply(null, styles)
    : styles

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