14 Packages by adamvr

  • adamvr-apricot Apricot is a HTML / DOM parser, scraper for Nodejs. It is inspired by rubys hpricot and designed to fetch, iterate, and augment html or html fragments.
  • adamvr-debug small debugging utility
  • adamvr-geoip-lite A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind
  • adamvr-monk [![build status](](
  • adamvr-revalidator A cross-browser / node.js validator used by resourceful
  • feeder A stream for converting xml product feeds to json
  • hxpipe A partial reimplementation of hxpipe
  • log-dissector A toolkit for dissecting log files
  • middlewrap A utility for wrapping functions in stacks of middleware
  • mqtt A library for the MQTT protocol
  • mqtt-growl A growl based mqtt monitor
  • mqtt-log-monitor monitor logs and publish changes over mqtt
  • mqttjs Deprecated - see mqtt instead
  • newrelic-config Newrelic configurator