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Prerender plugin for MongoDB caching, to be used with the prerender node application from

How it works

This plugin will store all prerendered pages into a MongoDB instance. There is currently no expiration functionality, which means that once a page is stored, future requests for prerendering a page will always be served from from the database cache if it's available and the page caches are never updated.

To get a fresh cache, you will have to delete the cache in the MongoDB instance manually or from another process.

How to use

In your local prerender project run:

$ npm install prerender-mongodb-cache --save

Then in the server.js that initializes the prerender:



By default it will connect to your MongoDB instance running on localhost and use the prerender collection. You can overwrite this by setting the MONGOLAB_URI or MONGOHQ_URL environment variables to valid MongoDB connection strings.

This is done to make it work automatically when deployed on Heroku with the MongoDB add-ons.