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    JavaScript Canvas Framework - Code Creativity

    A consistent, complete, simple yet powerful Canvas Framework that provides very quick visual results. ZIM is great for learning to code but also powerful enough for professionals for desktop and mobile games, apps, art and more!

    ZIM adds many conveniences, components and controls to the robust CreateJS library.

    https://zimjs.com has all the details

    • One-line Drag and Drop
    • Multitouch Pan, Pinch and Rotate
    • Multiple Types of Hit Tests
    • Styles for all Objects (Like CSS)
    • Buttons, Panes and Tabs
    • Windows and Wrapable Text
    • Shapes, Sliders and Steppers
    • Waiters, ProgressBars and ColorPickers
    • Indicators, Dials and Pads
    • Keyboards, Loaders and TextAreas
    • Live Transformation Tools
    • Sound and AudioSprite Support
    • Scalable Template Framework
    • Accessibility for Screen Readers
    • Chaining and Configuration Objects
    • Easy Asset Loading
    • Custom Font Preloading and Support
    • Page and Layout Control
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Swipes and HotSpots
    • Guides, Grids and Outlines
    • Parallax, Scroll and Tiling
    • Dynamic Sprite and Scrollers
    • GamePad and Motion Controllers
    • Particle Emitter and SoundWave
    • Animation, Sequences and Damping
    • 3D and Physics Support Libraries
    • Multiuser and Asynchronous Calls
    • Dynamic Bezier Blobs & Squiggles
    • WebGL Support

    ZIM js Interactive Media modules by Dan Zen http://danzen.com

    free to use - donations welcome of course! http://zimjs.com/donate


    npm i zimjs

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