XML conversion by convention

xmlconv: XML conversion by convention

npm install xmlconv

Powered by libxmljs.

var xmlconv = require('xmlconv');
var xml = [
  '<?xml version="1.0" ?>',
  '  <to>Chris</to>',
  '  <from>Other Chris</from>',
  '  <subject>XML</subject>',
  '  <body>I just wish XML was easier to read, you know?</body>',
var obj = xmlconv(xml, {convention: 'parker'});
console.log(JSON.stringify(obj, null, '  '));

Currently Parker is only partly implemented, along with a similar but tighter convention I'm calling "Castle".

  • Complete the implementation of Parker (currently have failing tests from the spec)
  • Spark
  • Badgerfish and at sklar's site
  • GData
  • Abdera
  • JsonML
  • oData


Copyright © 2013 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.