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XML conversion by convention

xmlconv: XML conversion by convention

npm install xmlconv

Powered by libxmljs, see the libxmljs API documentation for help implementing other conventions.

Convert a pretty simple document according to the Parker convention:

var xmlconv = require('xmlconv');
var xml = [
  '<?xml version="1.0" ?>',
  '  <to>The W3C</to>',
  '  <from>Chris</from>',
  '  <subject>XML</subject>',
  '  <body>I just wish XML was drier.</body>',
var obj = xmlconv(xml, {convention: 'parker'});
console.log(JSON.stringify(obj, null, '  '));

This will print the following JSON output:

  "to": "The W3C",
  "from": "Chris",
  "subject": "XML",
  "body": "I just wish XML was drier."
Convention Email example Media example
XML email media
parker email media
castle email media
boids email media
dom (not pure JSON)

Implement additional conventions:


Continuous integration:

Running tests locally:

npm test

See node-tap documentation for the implications of the various testing verbs (e.g., equal vs. equivalent vs. similar).

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