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xmlconv: XML conversion by convention

npm install xmlconv

Powered by libxmljs, see the libxmljs API documentation for help implementing other conventions.


Convert a pretty simple document according to the Parker convention:

var xmlconv = require('xmlconv');
var xml = [
  '<?xml version="1.0" ?>',
  '  <to>The W3C</to>',
  '  <from>Chris</from>',
  '  <subject>XML</subject>',
  '  <body>I just wish XML was drier.</body>',
var obj = xmlconv(xml, {convention: 'parker'});
console.log(JSON.stringify(obj, null, '  '));

This will print the following JSON output:

  "to": "The W3C",
  "from": "Chris",
  "subject": "XML",
  "body": "I just wish XML was drier."

Supported conventions

Convention Email example Media example
XML email media
parker email media
castle email media
boids email media
dom (not pure JSON)


Implement additional conventions:



Continuous integration:

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Running tests locally:

npm test

See node-tap documentation for the implications of the various testing verbs (e.g., equal vs. equivalent vs. similar).


Copyright © 2013 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.