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Connecting ChatBots.

Wechaty is a Bot Framework for Wechat Personal Account which can help you create a bot in 6 lines of javascript by easy to use API, with cross-platform support include Linux, Windows, Darwin(OSX/Mac) and Docker.

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Voice of the Developer

I ... fall in love with it. It’s really easy to get started to make your own wechatbot. link
-- @kungfu-software, Founder of Kungfu Software

"Wechaty is a great solution, I believe there would be much more users recognize it." link
-- @Gcaufy, Tencent

"The best wechat SDK I have seen in Github!" link
-- @JasLin, BotWave CTO

"Wechaty简单的接口...和Docker化的封装...绝对是一个不错的选择" link
-- @shevyan, Ghost Cloud CEO

"Wechaty is great." link
-- @Samurais, SnapLingo Director of Engineering

"最好的微信开发库" link
-- @Jarvis, Baidu Developer

"Wechaty让运营人员更多的时间思考如何进行活动策划、留存用户,商业变现" link
-- @lijiarui, Orange Interactive CEO.

-- @xinbenlv, Google Engineer, Founder

"If you know js ... try Chatie/wechaty, it's easy to use."
-- @Urinx Uri Lee, Author of WeixinBot

"Wechaty library fantastic!" link - @ccaapton

"it's quite cool!" link - @ak5

"Thanks for great SDK" link - @naishstar

"Your docker solution is awesome!" link - @ax4

The World's Shortest ChatBot Code: 6 lines of JavaScript

const { Wechaty } = require('wechaty') // import { Wechaty } from 'wechaty' 
Wechaty.instance() // Singleton 
.on('scan', (url, code) => console.log(`Scan QR Code to login: ${code}\n${url}`))
.on('login',       user => console.log(`User ${user} logined`))
.on('message',  message => console.log(`Message: ${message}`))

Notice: Wechaty requires Node.js version >= 6.9.0

This bot can log all messages to the console.

You can find more examples from Wiki and Example Directory.

Getting Started

A Great Live Coding Tutorial

The above 10 minute video tutorial is a good start point if you are new to Wechaty.

Source code in the video can be found at: Wechaty Starter Repository


Let's say, you have saved the above six line javascript example to mybot.js.

We have two options to run wechaty:

  1. Docker
  2. NPM

Notice: The published versions have always passed the CI tests. We highly recommend running wechaty with the versions installed by docker or npm instead of the latest master branch unless you are prepared to deal with the broken code problems.


Docker Pulls Docker Stars Docker Layers

The best practice to use Wechaty is running with docker, because it's not only the most easy way to get started, but also protects you from the troubles of dependency problems.

Wechaty Docker supports both JavaScript and TypeScript. To use TypeScript just write in TypeScript and save with extension name .ts.

Get to know more about Wechaty Docker at Wiki:Docker.

  1. Run JavaScript
$ docker run -ti --rm --volume="$(pwd)":/bot zixia/wechaty mybot.js # for JavaScript 
  1. Run TypeScript
$ docker run -ti --rm --volume="$(pwd)":/bot zixia/wechaty mybot.ts # for TypeScript 


NPM Version Downloads Greenkeeper badge

$ npm install wechaty
$ cat > mybot.js <<'_EOF_'
const { Wechaty } = require('wechaty')
const bot = Wechaty.instance()
$ node mybot.js

Get to know more about NPM at Wiki:NPM


Linux/Mac Build Status Windows Build status Docker CircleCI

Coverage Status Known Vulnerabilities

Wechaty uses AVA for unit testing

To test Wechaty, run:

npm test

Get to know more about the tests from Wiki:Test

API Reference

Wechaty Events

  1. scan Emit when the bot needs to show you a QR Code for scanning
  2. login Emit when bot login is fully successful.
  3. logout Emit when bot detects log out.
  4. message Emit when there's a new message.
  5. error Emit when an error occurs.
  6. friend Emit when a new friend request is received, or friendship is confirmed.
  7. room-join Emit when someone joins the room
  8. room-leave Emit when someone leaves the room
  9. room-topic Emit when someone changes the room's topic


  1. instance(setting: PuppetSetting): Promise<Wechaty> get the bot instance
  2. init(): Promise<void> Initialize the bot
  3. say(content: string): Promise<void> send message to filehelper, just for logging/reporting usage for your convenience


  1. from():Contact get the sender of a message
  2. to():Contact get the destination for the message
  3. content():string get the content of the message
  4. room():Room|null get the room from a message.
  5. type():MsgType get the type of a Message.
  6. say(content:string):Promise send a reply message to the sender.
  7. self():boolean check if a message is sent by self


  1. name():string get name from a contact
  2. remark():string get remark name from a contact
  3. remark(remark:string):Promise set remark name to a contact
  4. weixin():string get weixin id from a contact
  5. star():boolean true for star friend, false for no star friend
  6. say(content:string):Promise send a message to a contact


  1. say(content:string,replyTo:Contact|ContactArray):Promise send a message inside Room.
  2. refresh():Promise reload data for Room

Room Event

  1. join Emit when someone joins the room
  2. leave Emit when someone leaves the room
  3. topic Emit when someone changes the room topic


  1. hello:string get content from friendrequest
  2. accept():Promise accept the friendrequest
  3. send(contact:Contact,hello:string):Promise send a new friend request


Create a media message object.

Release Notes

Powered By Wechaty

Powered by Wechaty

Wechaty Badge

Get embed html/markdown code from Wiki:PoweredByWechaty

Projects Using Wechaty

  1. Relay between Telegram and WeChat
  2. A chat bot managing the HaoShiYou wechat groups run by volunteers of
  3. An interactive chat bot to manage a TODO list
  4. Forward WeChat messages to telegram

Learn more about Projects Using Wechaty at Wiki:PoweredByWechaty

Find a Good Server

The best practice for running Wechaty Docker/NPM is using a VPS(Virtual Private Server) outside of China, which can save you hours of time because npm install and docker pull will run smoothly without any problem.

The following VPS providers are used by the Wechaty team, and they worked perfectly in production. You can use the following link to get one in minutes. Also, doing this can support Wechaty because you are referred by us.

Location Price Ram Payment Provider
Singapore $5 512MB Paypal DigitalOcean
Japan $5 1GB Paypal Linode
Korea $10 1GB Alipay, Paypal Netdedi


Issue Stats Issue Stats Join the chat at

Howto contribute

Contributions in any form are highly encouraged and welcome! Be it new or improved presets, optimized streaming code or just some cleanup. So start forking!

Code Contributions

If you want to add new features or change the API, please submit an issue first to make sure no one else is already working on the same thing and discuss the implementation and API details with maintainers and users by creating an issue. When everything is settled down, you can submit a pull request.

When fixing bugs, you can directly submit a pull request.

Make sure to add tests for your features and bugfixes and update the documentation (see below) before submitting your code!

Documentation Contributions

You can directly submit pull requests for documentation changes.

Main Contributors

Join Wechaty Developers' Community

Wechaty is used in many ChatBot projects by hundreds of developers. If you want to talk with other developers, just scan the following QR Code in WeChat with secret code wechaty, you can join our Wechaty Developers' Home at once.

Wechaty Developers' Home

Scan now, because other Wechaty developers want to talk with you too! (secret code: wechaty)

See Also


In order to sync the doc with the lastest code, it's best to use jsdoc to describe the API, and use jsdoc-to-markdown to generate markdown format documents to the docs directory.

My Story

My daily life/work depends on too much chat on wechat.

  • I almost have 14,000 wechat friends in May 2014, before wechat restricts a total number of friends to 5,000.
  • I almost have 400 wechat rooms, and most of them have more than 400 members.

Can you imagine that? I'm dying...

So a tireless bot working for me 24x7 on wechat, monitoring/filtering the most important message is badly needed. For example, it highlights discussion which contains the KEYWORDS which I want to follow up(especially in a noisy room). ;-)

At last, It's built for my personal study purpose of Automatically Testing.


Huan LI <> (

I'm an active angel investor, serial entrepreneur with strong technical background and rich social network experience.

profile for zixia at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Copyright & License

  • Code & Docs © 2016-2017 Huan LI <>
  • Code released under the Apache-2.0 License
  • Docs released under Creative Commons