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Web Auth Library

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Authentication library for Google Cloud, Firebase, and other cloud providers that uses standard Web Crypto API and runs in different environments and runtimes, including but not limited to:

It has minimum dependencies, small bundle size, and optimized for speed and performance.

Getting Stated

# Install using NPM
$ npm install web-auth-library --save

# Install using Yarn
$ yarn add web-auth-library

Usage Examples

Verify the user ID Token issued by Google or Firebase

NOTE: The credentials argument in the examples below is expected to be a serialized JSON string of a Google Cloud service account key, apiKey is Google Cloud API Key (Firebase API Key), and projectId is a Google Cloud project ID.

import { verifyIdToken } from "web-auth-library/google";

const token = await verifyIdToken({
  credentials: env.GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS,

// => {
//   iss: 'https://securetoken.google.com/example',
//   aud: 'example',
//   auth_time: 1677525930,
//   user_id: 'temp',
//   sub: 'temp',
//   iat: 1677525930,
//   exp: 1677529530,
//   firebase: {}
// }

Create an access token for accessing Google Cloud APIs

import { getAccessToken } from "web-auth-library/google";

// Generate a short lived access token from the service account key credentials
const accessToken = await getAccessToken({
  credentials: env.GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS,
  scope: "https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloud-platform",

// Make a request to one of the Google's APIs using that token
const res = await fetch(
    headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}` },

Create a custom ID token using Service Account credentials

import { getIdToken } from "web-auth-library/google";

const idToken = await getIdToken({
  credentials: env.GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS,
  audience: "https://example.com",

An alternative way passing credentials

Instead of passing credentials via options.credentials argument, you can also let the library pick up credentials from the list of environment variables using standard names such as GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS, GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT, FIREBASE_API_KEY, for example:

import { verifyIdToken } from "web-auth-library/google";

const env = { GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS: "..." };
const token = await verifyIdToken({ idToken, env });

Optimize cache renewal background tasks

Pass the optional waitUntil(promise) function provided by the target runtime to optimize the way authentication tokens are being renewed in background. For example, using Cloudflare Workers and Hono.js:

import { Hono } from "hono";
import { verifyIdToken } from "web-auth-library/google";

const app = new Hono();

app.get("/", ({ env, executionCtx, json }) => {
  const idToken = await verifyIdToken({
    idToken: "...",
    waitUntil: executionCtx.waitUntil,

  return json({ ... });

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How to Contribute

You're very welcome to create a PR or send me a message on Discord.

In order to unit test this library locally you will need Node.js v18+ with corepack enabled, a Google Cloud service account key (here) and Firebase API Key (here) that you can save into the test/test.override.env file, for example:


Then run unit tests via yarn test [--watch].


Copyright © 2022-present Kriasoft. This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file.

Made with by Konstantin Tarkus (@koistya, blog) and contributors.

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