Integration tests for waterline adapters

Waterline Adapter Tests

A set of integration tests that can be included in your Waterline Adapter module and used to test your adapter against the current Waterline API.

i.e. runner.js

 * Test runner dependencies
var mocha = require('mocha');
var TestRunner = require('waterline-adapter-tests');
 * Integration Test Runner
 * Uses the `waterline-adapter-tests` module to
 * run mocha tests against the specified interfaces
 * of the currently-implemented Waterline adapter API.
new TestRunner({
// Load the adapter module. 
adapter: require('./relative/path/to/your/adapter'),
// Default adapter config to use. 
config: {
schema: false
// The set of adapter interfaces to test against. 
interfaces: ['semantic', 'queryable']
$ node runner.js

Since it is not necessarily desirable to install all the databases on the local host where this package is tested a Vagrant configuration for a fully configured virtual host is provided. To run the tests using this virtual host follow these steps.

Using Vagrant is entirely optional. If you prefer to just run the test on your host directly just ensure the various databases being tested are installed.