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    v-img is a plugin for Vue.js that allows you to show images in full-screen gallery by adding only one directive to the <img> tag.

    Demonstration page

    Browser support

    Firefox Chrome Safari Opera Firefox (mobile) Chrome (mobile) Safari (mobile)
    32 44 9.1 32

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    via npm

    npm install v-img-viewer --save

    In your script entry point:

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import VueImg from 'v-img-viewer';

    via CDN

    • make sure to change latest to the number of latest version of the plugin to avoid compatibility problems.
    <!-- After vuejs -->
    <script src=""></script>

    Optional configurations

    *in this snippet all settings has its default value. No need to specify them unless you want to change default behavior. Unfortunately if you used CDN way to include plugin you can't set up these options, but still can set them up inline.

    const vueImgConfig = {
      // Use `alt` attribute as gallery slide title
      altAsTitle: false,
      // Display 'download' button near 'close' that opens source image in new tab
      sourceButton: false,
      // Event listener to open gallery will be applied to <img> element
      openOn: 'click',
      // Show thumbnails for all groups with more than 1 image
      thumbnails: false,
    Vue.use(VueImg, vueImgConfig);


    Add v-img directive to the image.

    <img v-img class="v-img" src="...">

    Available options

    Add similar directive arguments to place images to one gallery. (:name from the example below could be anything you want)

    <img v-img:name class="v-img" src="...">
    <img v-img:name class="v-img" src="...">

    Options that could be specified in directive value

    <img v-img="{ ... }" class="v-img" src="...">
    Option Description Default value Data type
    group The same as directive argument, but could be set dynamically directive argument or undefined string
    src Image source that will be displayed in gallery src attribute value from html tag string
    title Caption that will be displayed empty string or value of the alt attribute, if altAsTitle is true string
    openOn Event listener to open gallery will be applied to <img>. Available options are 'dblclick', 'mouseover' and all native JS events. 'click' if another not stated when initializing plugin string
    sourceButton Display 'download' button near 'close' that opens source image in new tab false if sourceButton is not set to true when initializing plugin boolean
    thumbnails When opening group by clicking (or other openOn event) on this image, thumbnails of images for this group will be visible false if thumbnails is not set to true when initializing plugin boolean
    opened Function that will be executed on gallery open undefined function
    closed Function that will be executed on gallery close undefined function
    changed(imageIndex) Function that will be executed when switching between images in gallery undefined function
    cursor Cursor when hovering original <img> 'pointer' string
    • Any of these options except opened, closed, changed functions and openOn property could be changed at runtime.


    npm i v-img-viewer

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