Update the year in all files in a project using glob patterns.


Update the year in all files in a project using glob patterns.

This is an experimental library that is not ready to use on your projects yet. But I'm using it on mine and I have to say, it's pretty amazing how much time it's saving me already.

When I run update from the command line, it loads an object with my personal preferences, then it runs a series of verb plugins that use those preferences along with "normalizers" on targeted files in the current project.

For example:

  • it updates the copyright dates in banners, the README and LICENSE files
  • it renames files to be the way I like them (like LICENSE-MIT => LICENSE)
  • it updates banners to ensure they have the correct project URL and license information
  • it updates .jshintrc with my lastest preferences
  • it updates .editorconfig with my latest preferences
  • it updates package.json properties with my latest preferences

etc... this is maybe 20% of what it does currently. There are some bugs to work out, but I can tell this project is going to be worth spending time on. It's already paying off.

The goal is to be able to easily update and normalize existing projects from the command line using a compbination of:

  • global defaults for project metadata, like your github username, license preference, and other properties that change very little if at all from project-to-project.
  • normalizers that will normalize and update virtually anything in the project to:
    • use your (latest) preference
    • meet the (latest) standards for whatever piece of metadata is being updated. For example, it would lint your .travis.md files to ensure that iojs has been added to the node_js versions.

After I completely understand how this should work, I'll:

  1. remove all logic and preferences that are specific to my own projects.
  2. Split everything out into plugins, helpers, utils etc.
  3. Try to make everything compatible with gulp plugins, so we don't need to think about another format.

For now, however, this project is not at all idiomatic. A lot of the logic is pretty opinionated, there is a lot of duplication, and some of the plugins are just sloppy. As a rule-of-thumb I like to get things working as a POC before I spend time cleaning up code.

Install globally with npm:

npm i -g update

From the command line, run:


Install dev dependencies:

node i -d && mocha

Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue

Jon Schlinkert

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Jon Schlinkert
Released under the MIT license

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