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    Twitter API v2

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    Strongly typed, full-featured, light, versatile yet powerful Twitter API v1.1 and v2 client for Node.js.

    Main maintainer: @alkihis - Buy Me A Coffee


    Ready for v2 and good ol' v1.1 Twitter API

    Light: No dependencies, 23kb minified+gzipped

    Bundled types for request parameters and responses

    Streaming support

    Pagination utils

    User-context authentication with OAuth2

    Media upload helpers

    How to use

    Install it through your favorite package manager:

    yarn add twitter-api-v2
    # or
    npm i twitter-api-v2

    Here's a quick example of usage:

    import { TwitterApi } from 'twitter-api-v2';
    // Instantiate with desired auth type (here's Bearer v2 auth)
    const twitterClient = new TwitterApi('<YOUR_APP_USER_TOKEN>');
    // Tell typescript it's a readonly app
    const readOnlyClient = twitterClient.readOnly;
    // Play with the built in methods
    const user = await readOnlyClient.v2.userByUsername('plhery');
    await twitterClient.v1.tweet('Hello, this is a test.');
    // You can upload media easily!
    await twitterClient.v1.uploadMedia('./big-buck-bunny.mp4');


    Sometimes, you just want to quickly bootstrap an application using the Twitter API. Even though there are a lot of libraries available on the JavaScript ecosystem, they usually just provide wrappers around HTTP methods, and some of them are bloated with many dependencies.

    twitter-api-v2 is meant to provide full endpoint wrapping, from method name to response data, using descriptive typings for read/write/DMs rights, request parameters and response payload.

    A small feature comparaison with other libs:

    Package API version(s) Response typings Media helpers Pagination Subdeps Size (gzip) Install size
    twitter-api-v2 v1.1, v2, labs 0 ~23 kB twitter-api-v2 install size badge
    twit v1.1 51 ~214.5 kB twit install size badge
    twitter v1.1 50 ~182.1 kB twitter install size badge
    twitter-lite v1.1, v2 4 ~5.3 kB twitter-lite install size badge
    twitter-v2 v2 7 ~4.5 kB twitter-v2 install size badge


    Here's everything twitter-api-v2 can do:


    • Support for v1.1 and v2 of Twitter API
    • Make signed HTTP requests to Twitter with every auth type: OAuth 1.0a, OAuth2 (even brand new user context OAuth2!) and Basic HTTP Authorization
    • Helpers for numerous HTTP request methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH), that handle query string parse & format, automatic body formatting and more
    • High-class support for stream endpoints, with easy data consumption and auto-reconnect on stream errors

    Request helpers:

    • Automatic paginator for endpoints like user and tweet timelines, allowing payload consumption with modern asynchronous iterators until your rate-limit is hit
    • Convenient methods for authentication - generate auth links and ask for tokens to your users
    • Media upload with API v1.1, including long video & subtitles support, automatic media type detection, chunked upload and support for concurrent uploads
    • Dedicated methods that wraps API v1.1 & v2 endpoints, with typed arguments and fully typed responses
    • Typed errors, meaningful error messages, error enumerations for both v1.1 and v2

    Type-safe first:

    • Typings for tweet, user, media entities (and more) are bundled!
    • Type-safe wrapping of dedicated methods in 3 right level: DM/Read-write/Read-only (just like Twitter API do!) - you can declare a read-only client - you will only see the methods associated with read-only endpoints

    And last but not least, fully powered by native Promises.


    Learn how to use the full potential of twitter-api-v2.


    Official plugins for twitter-api-v2:

    See how to use plugins here.


    npm i twitter-api-v2

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