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Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. Rapidly create and deploy smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit in your codebase and use all of it, or just the parts you need. The visual editor is for form creation, the collector for response collection and the SDK for developing more form building blocks.

Editor package

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The editor is a 3-in-1 package with:

  • A CLI tool for running the editor stand-alone from your command line - Docs - Quickstart
  • A library to integrate the editor in your projects - Docs
  • Typings to develop custom building blocks for the editor using TypeScript - Docs - Boilerplate


You use the visual editor to create and edit smart forms with logic and conditional flows in 2D on a self-organizing drawing board. The editor can run as a stand-alone CLI tool or be tightly integrated in your software. It works in any modern browser and with mouse, touch or pen. The complete structure of a form is stored in a JSON format; the form definition. Also, you decide which form building blocks (e.g. question types) you want to use in the editor and collector. We offer a default set to choose from, but you can also develop your own.


Try the demo View the code

Screen recording - Showcase

Get started

Install it using npm (you need Node.js). Enter the following command in your terminal/command prompt:

$ npm install tripetto -g

And start using the CLI tool for editing a form definition file (the editor will run in your browser at localhost:3333):

$ tripetto demo.json

There are some additional command line options you can use. These are listed here.


The complete documentation can be found at

Detailed editor documentation is found here.

More about the collector is available here.

If you want to develop your own building blocks, read more here or start with our boilerplate.


Run into issues or bugs? Report them here and we'll look into them.

For general support contact us at We're more than happy to assist you.



For detailed license information, please read the pricing page on our website.


We hope other enthusiasts will also start to develop and share collectors and blocks for Tripetto. We have a repository where we collect a list of community driven blocks and collectors. Did you build something? Submit a PR and add yours to the list. We appreciate it!

About us

If you want to learn more about Tripetto or contribute in any way, visit us at


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