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    Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. Rapidly build and run smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit in your codebase and use all of it or just the parts you need. The visual builder is for form building, and the runners are for running those forms in different UI variants. It is entirely extendible and customizable. Anyone can build their own building blocks (e.g., question types) or runner UI's.

    Runner Foundation package

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    This library handles all the complicated stuff that comes into play when running forms and surveys with advanced logic capabilities. The goal here is to make it easy for developers to create awesome UI's that can run Tripetto forms without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

    How it works

    The runner foundation turns a JSON form definition (created with the Tripetto builder) into an executable program; a finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and data collection during the execution of the form. It then fires the right events at the right moment so a UI can render according to the state of the runner. The runner foundation is headless and unopinionated, so you can use any UI framework you like. And because it is a state machine, the runner also supports pausing and resuming later on.

    Get started

    To use the library in your project you should install the runner foundation package as a dependency using the following command:

    $ npm install tripetto-runner-foundation --save

    This package supports TypeScript our of the box (the TypeScript definitions are included).

    Runners built with this package


    The complete documentation can be found at

    Detailed runner documentation is available here.

    More about the form builder is found here.

    If you want to develop your own building blocks, read more here or start with our boilerplate.


    Run into issues or bugs? Report them here and we'll look into them.

    For general support contact us at We're more than happy to assist you.


    Have a blast. MIT.


    We hope other enthusiasts will also start to develop and share runners and blocks for Tripetto. We have a repository where we collect a list of community driven blocks and runners. Did you build something? Submit a PR and add yours to the list. We appreciate it!

    About us

    If you want to learn more about Tripetto or contribute in any way, visit us at


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