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soya-cli 🌱

SOyA (Semantic Overlay Architecture) provides a framework to manage layers of semantic description for a dataset enabling well-defined annotation, validation, transformation, and human-readable display & data capture.

soya-cli provides easy-to-use interfaces for handling SOyA structures and interacting with SOyA respositories.

soya-cli is built on top of soya-js and exposes most of its features as commands on the command line. In addition there are features like:

  • DRI calculation for SOyA structures
  • Data transformation using
  • Fast prototyping with quick links to JSON-LD Playground

Install and build from source

Install all dependencies with node package manager (npm)

# install all dependencies
npm install

# build project sources
npm run build

# register soya-cli in path
npm run bin

Install from

soya-cli is also available from as a prebuilt package that can be installed with:

# install or update soya-cli globally with -g
npm install -g soya-cli@latest

Build Docker image

To package soya-cli with additional tools (jq, jolt, and OYDID) in a ready-to-use Docker container run the following command in the cli directory:


The current oydeu/soya-cli Docker image is available here:

Verify with automated tests

Use the following command to run the automated tests in the oydeu/soya-cli Docker image:

docker run -it --rm -w /usr/src/app/docker/pytest oydeu/soya-cli pytest

Run soya-cli

Use soya --help or soya -h to get more information about soya-cli.

Dev note

This project is a prototype, therefore under development.
soya-cli may not behave as expected and should not be used in production!
Also code does surely not satisfy most of best practices in coding :-)




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