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Format JavaScript Standard Style as Stylish (i.e. snazzy) output

Converts "compact" text from a linter to "stylish" (i.e. snazzy) output.


Compared to before:



npm install -g snazzy


Pipe "compact" text into the snazzy command to get back pretty results:

$ standard --verbose | snazzy

note about version 7.0.0

standard is no longer bundled with snazzy. You must install standard manually alongside snazzy.

Run npm install standard --save-dev to get a copy of standard, then run standard | snazzy where you previously used to ran snazzy.

This method requires more steps but it's better since the user controls the exact version of standard that is used. And for users who were piping into snazzy all along, this means a quicker install since an extra copy of standard will not get installed.


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.