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JSON-LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary.

schema-dts provides TypeScript definitions for Schema.org vocabulary in JSON-LD format. The typings are exposed as complete sets of discriminated type unions, allowing for easy completions and stricter validation.

Example of Code Completion using schema-dts

This repository contains two NPM packages:

  • schema-dts-gen Providing a command-line tool to generate TypeScript files based on a specific Schema version and layer.
  • schema-dts Pre-packaged TypeScript typings of latest Schema.org schema, without pending and other non-core layers.

Note: This is not an officially supported Google product.


To use the typings for your project, simply add the schema-dts NPM package to your project:

npm install schema-dts

Then you can use it by importing "schema-dts".

Root context

You will usually want your top-level item to include a @context, like https://schema.org. In order for your object type to accept this property, you can augment it with WithContext, e.g.:

import { Person, WithContext } from "schema-dts";
const p: WithContext<Person> = {
  "@context": "https://schema.org",
  "@type": "Person",
  name: "Eve",
  affiliation: {
    "@type": "School",
    name: "Nice School"

Schema Typings Generator

The Schema Typings Generator is available in the schema-dts-gen package.

npm install schema-dts-gen
npx schema-dts-gen --schema=3.4

Command line usage:

  • Specify your ontology

    • (Default) From Schema.org: Specify --schema and --layer: Your schema definition will be imported from.


      This will be used by default, with --schema=latest and --layer=all-layers, which includes pending, life sciences, and other schemas.

    • From a custom URL: Specify --ontology: An HTTPs URL to an .nt NTriple file declaring your ontology.

      Must be compatible with Schema.org, including the Schema.org DataTypes and specifying a top-level Thign type.

  • --context: Defaults to https://schema.org, the value or values to be used with the "@context" property.

    Can be either a single URL, or a comma separated list of two or more name:URL pairs.

    The context affects names of string properties in types, as well as the values of an object's "@type".

  • --deprecated/--nodeprecated: Whether or not to include deprecated Schema.org types and properties. When included, these types will still be marked with @deprecated JSDOC tags.

  • --verbose: Outputs additional logs and debugging notes to stderr.


Use NPM to install dependencies:

npm install

We have wrappers around tsc and tsc --build to build our generator other .d.ts files.

To generate TypeScript from the latest Schema.org Schema:

npm run build-gen && npm run build-schema

or simply build the schema-dts generator:

npm run build-gen

To contribute changes, see the CONTRIBUTING.md file.


npm i schema-dts-gen

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