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MySQL adapter for Sails.js

Sails-MySQL Adapter

MySQL adapter for the Sails framework and Waterline ORM. Allows you to use MySQL via your models to store and retrieve data. Also provides a query() method for a direct interface to execute raw SQL commands.

Install from NPM.

# In your app:
$ npm install sails-mysql

Add the mysql config to the config/connections.js file. Basic options:

module.exports.connections = {
  mysql: {
    module    : 'sails-mysql',
    host      : 'localhost',
    port      : 3306,
    user      : 'username',
    password  : 'password',
    database  : 'MySQL Database Name'
    // OR (explicit sets take precedence) 
    module    : 'sails-mysql',
    // Optional 
    charset   : 'utf8',
    collation : 'utf8_swedish_ci'

And then change default model configuration to the config/models.js:

module.exports.models = {
  connection: 'mysql'

You can set environment variables to override the default database config for the tests, e.g.:


Default settings are:

  host: process.env.WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_HOST || 'localhost',
  port: process.env.WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_PORT || 3306,
  user: process.env.WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_USER || 'root',
  password: process.env.WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_PASSWORD || '',
  database: process.env.WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_DATABASE || 'sails_mysql',
  pool: true,
  connectionLimit: 10,
  waitForConnections: true

MIT © 2016 Mike McNeil, Balderdash & contributors

Sails is free and open-source under the MIT License.

See the MySQL Logo Usage Guidelines for more information on our use of the MySQL logo.