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Specification Edition Support Tool.


ReSpec is a JS library that makes it easier to write technical specifications, or documents that tend to be technical in nature in general. It was originally designed for the purpose of writing W3C specifications, but has since grown to be able to support other outputs as well.

If you are just interested in writing a spec, you can grab the starter spec.

You don't need to check-out or fork this repository.

If you are new to spec writing, we strongly encourage you to read:

If you experience issues, please email or if you think something is broken, file a bug.

Please note: ReSpec is not endorsed by W3C and nobody should expect the W3C Webmaster to provide advice on problems encountered with ReSpec, or on why it may be failing to produce pubrules-compliant content.

Bibliographical references have been moved out of ReSpec. You want to use

Documentation for ReSpec is available. Also see the documentation repository for the sources.

See our contribution guidelines.