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This package compliments the usage of React. It ships with tools that are often used in conjunction.


This package installs a jsx executable that can be used to transform JSX into vanilla JS. This is often used as part of a build step. This transform is also exposed as an API.

By default JSX files with a .js extension are transformed. Use the -x option to transform files with a .jsx extension.


Command Line

Usage: jsx [options] <source directory> <output directory> [<module ID> [<module ID> ...]]


  -h, --help                               output usage information
  -V, --version                            output the version number
  -c, --config [file]                      JSON configuration file (no file or - means STDIN)
  -w, --watch                              Continually rebuild
  -x, --extension <js | coffee | ...>      File extension to assume when resolving module identifiers (default: js)
  --relativize                             Rewrite all module identifiers to be relative
  --follow-requires                        Scan modules for required dependencies
  --cache-dir <directory>                  Alternate directory to use for disk cache
  --no-cache-dir                           Disable the disk cache
  --source-charset <utf8 | win1252 | ...>  Charset of source (default: utf8)
  --output-charset <utf8 | win1252 | ...>  Charset of output (default: utf8)
  --harmony                                Turns on JS transformations such as ES6 Classes etc.
  --source-map-inline                      Embed inline sourcemap in transformed source
  --strip-types                            Strips out type annotations
  --es6module                              Parses the file as a valid ES6 module
  --non-strict-es6module                   Parses the file as an ES6 module, except disables implicit strict-mode (i.e. CommonJS modules et al are allowed)
  --target <version>                       Target version of ECMAScript. Valid values are "es3" and "es5". Use "es3" for legacy browsers like IE8.


transform(inputString, options)

option values default
sourceMap true: append inline source map at the end of the transformed source false
harmony true: enable ES6 features false
sourceFilename the output filename for the source map "source.js"
stripTypes true: strips out type annotations false
es6module true: parses the file as an ES6 module false
nonStrictEs6module true: parses the file as an ES6 module, except disables implicit strict-mode (i.e. CommonJS modules et al are allowed) false
target "es3": ECMAScript 3
"es5": ECMAScript 5
var reactTools = require('react-tools');
reactTools.transform(string, options);

transformWithDetails(inputString, options)

Just like transform, but outputs an object:

  code: outputString,
  sourceMap: theSourceMap // Only if the `sourceMap` option is `true`.

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