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A circle tree component for React applications

Get the component

npm install react-circletree --save

Use the component

If you're using an ES6-capable build system, simply use react-circletree:

var CircleTree = require('react-circletree');

Or if you're using an ES5 build system:

var CircleTree = require('react-circletree/es5');

An example app

See the exampleapp for an example


  radius={number: width of each segment, defaults to 80}
  spacing={number: spacing between segments, defaults to 3}
  leafRadius={number: width of each leaf segment, defaults to 7},
  leafSpacing={numbe: spacing between leaves in a leaf stack, defaults to 2}
  data={object: nested, keyed data. Leaf stacks encoded as arrays}
  onToggle={function: see note below, no default}

For an example of data, see this object.

passing a onToggle() handler

As segments in the circle tree can be clicked, you might want to do something based on that interaction.

As such, passing a onToggle function as a property to the <CircleTree> component will give you a way to know what the user clicked:

  onToggle(labels) {
    // labels is an array of all the applicable labels in the chain
    // from the tree's root to the segment that was clicked by the
    // user. As such, labels[0] is always the root label, and
    // labels.slice(-1)[0] is always the segment the user clicked.
  render() {
    return <CircleTree onToggle={this.onToggle}/>