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Random is a simple RANDOM.ORG client for node. It asynchronously retrieves true random numbers for use in your programs, formatted in rows and columns.

random = require("random");
function randomCallback(integers){
// Prints row 0, column 0


You can also specify options. By default, we request insecurely, and return one new base-10 integer from 0 to 10,000 in a one-column "table".

random = require("random");
options = {
    secure: true, // Make the request secure
    num: 10,      // Get 10 integers
    min: -10,     // Minimum of -10
    max: 10,      // Maximum of 10
    col: 2,       // 2 columns
    base: 10,     // Base-10 (Supported: 2, 8, 10, 16)
    rnd: "id.123" // Which set of random numbers to use
function randomCallback(integers){
    // Prints row 1, column 5

rnd value

The rnd value in the options hash is a bit complicated. You have three options with it:

  1. "new": generate a new set of true random numbers, then discard them afterwards.
  2. "id.YOUR_ID_GOES_HERE": If the ID given has been used before, use those numbers. Otherwise, generate a new set.
  3. "date.YOUR_DATE_GOES_HERE": Use a pregenerated set of numbers from a certain date. The date must be in ISO 8601 format (i.e., YYYY-MM-DD) or one of the two shorthand strings today or yesterday.


for node.js and npm:

npm install random