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FabricJS Plugin - OpenSeaDragon

A plugin for OpenSeaDragon that integrates FabricJS as an overlay to enable the creation and display of many shapes (as rectangles, circles, texts and much more) on high-resolution zoomable images.

Feel free to contribute


npm i openseadragon-fabric

How to use

You just need to import this library after the OpenSeaDragon import.

import OpenSeadragon from 'openseadragon';
import { initOSDFabricJS } from 'openseadragon-fabric';

Then, init the fabric plugin like this, before the creation of your viewers:


const viewer = OpenSeadragon(config);

const fabricOverlay = viewer.fabricOverlay({
  fabricCanvasOptions: { selection: false },

The created fabricOverlay instance has many methods, with it, you can access the fabricCanvas and manipulate it, like adding a rectangle, as in the above example:


const fabricOverlay = newViewer.fabricOverlay({
      fabricCanvasOptions: { selection: false },

const newRect = new fabric.Rect({
    width: 200,
    height: 100,
    top: 1400,
    left: 1200,
    fill: 'rgba(0,0,0,0.1)',
    stroke: '#000000',
    strokeWidth: 5,


You also can use the FreeHand drawing mode, like this:


const fabricOverlay = newViewer.fabricOverlay({
      fabricCanvasOptions: { selection: false },

fabricOverlay.fabricCanvas().freeDrawingBrush = new fabric.PencilBrush(fabricOverlay.fabricCanvas());
fabricOverlay.fabricCanvas().freeDrawingBrush.width = 15;
fabricOverlay.fabricCanvas().freeDrawingBrush.color = selectedColor;
fabricOverlay.fabricCanvas().isDrawingMode = true;

Now, this lib doesn't support FabricJS static canvases. If you need a canvas without interactions, just disable it on the creation.

How to contribute

When finishing a new implementation, update the package version in package.json, check the documentation and make a new build.

npm run build

How to test

With the new build, manually copy all files (this entire repository) to the node_modules/openseadragon-fabric folder on a project that already uses this library. After ensuring that every is working correctly, run the above instruction to publish the new package version on NPM:

npm publish


Thanks, CapybaHub, for allowing this open-source plugin.

This version was inspired by:

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npm i openseadragon-fabric

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