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OBJIMG - Command Line Interface

Install the npm package by typing this command in the terminal:

    $ npm install -g objimg

then use the objimg command to generate the PNG image from your model:

    # generate a png in the same directory with the same name finishing by *.png
    objimg path/to/model.obj 
    # generate a png in a special path with defined name
    objimg -o path/to/output.png path/to/model.obj
  • -o: (--output) choose the output path and file name for the PNG
  • -v: (--verbose) enable the verbose mode, it will logs informations along generating
  • -b: (--brut) disable image optimization with OptiPNG

How to use the generated image after that?

After having generated the PNG, you'll want to use it... No worries, all informations are on the Github page of the main script