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WARNING: next-build-tools should never be globally installed. Always install as a devDependency of your application.

Usage: next-build-tools [options] [command]


deploy [options] [app]                              runs haikro deployment scripts with sensible defaults for Next projects
configure [options] [source] [target]               downloads environment variables from next-config-vars and uploads them to the current app
scale [options] [source] [target]                   downloads process information from next-service-registry and scales/sizes the application servers
provision [app]                                     provisions a new instance of an application server
verify [options]                                    internally calls origami-build-tools verify with some Next specific configuration (use only for APPLICATIONS. Front End components should continue to use origami-build-tools verify)
build [options]                                     build javascript and css
destroy [options] [app]                             deletes the app from heroku
purge [options] [url]                               purges the given url from the Fastly cache.  Requires a FASTLY_KEY environment variable set to your fastly api key
deploy-vcl [options] [folder]                       Deploys VCL in [folder] to the specified fastly service.  Requires FASTLY_KEY env var
nightwatch [options] [test]                         runs nightwatch with some sensible defaults
deploy-hashed-assets                                deploys hashed asset files to S3 (if AWS keys set correctly)
deploy-static [options] <source> [otherSources...]  Deploys static <source> to [destination] on S3 (where [destination] is a full S3 URL).  Requires AWS_ACCESS and AWS_SECRET env vars
download-development-keys [options]                 downloads development environment variables from next-config-vars and stores them in your home directory if a file doesn't already exist
run [options]                                       Runs the local app through the router
rebuild [options] [apps...]                         Trigger a rebuild of the latest master on Circle
test-urls [options] [app]                           Tests that a given set of urls for an app respond as expected. Expects the config file ./test/smoke.js to exist
log [options]                                       Logs to SalesForce™®©
bottle [options] [increment]                        releases a major, minor, patch or prerelease of a next component (similar to npm version + npm publish)
ship [options]                                      Ships code.  Deploys using pipelines, also running the configure and scale steps automatically
float [options]                                     Deploys code to a test app and checks it doesn't die
drydock [options] [name]                            Creates a new pipeline with a staging and EU production app
emergency-deploy [options]                          Run the deploy steps that CI would run, allowing you deploy locally
hash-assets                                         Generates an asset-hashes.json file


-h, --help     output usage information
-V, --version  output the version number


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